Selby Bay Sailing Center 


The Flying Scot Marina

on the Chesapeake Bay

Located on Selby Bay of Maryland's South River.

SBSC is home to over 75 privately owned Flying Scots.

Family owned and operated since 1987.

SBSC actively supports:

- Fleet 42 of the Flying Scot Sailing Association

-National Institute of Health Sailing Association and

-Goddard Sailing Association

       As Flying Scot sailors for over 35 years, we can assist with

       all aspects of sailing, racing, maintaining and purchasing

       a new or used Flying Scot. For additional information

       please call:    (410) 798-4146 

Allyson & David


Bob & Janet

Travis & Mike


Jerry & Andrea

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Flying Scot Specifications

Printable image of the Flying Scot

with specifications